Come back to celebrate
100 years of Lions.

And get back to service with the largest service club in the world.

We’re serving more people than ever before.

See how we’re making an even bigger difference around the world.

Renew your commitment to service as a Lion.

As a former Lion, you have an exclusive opportunity to join the International Centennial Lions Club. This special global club gives you the benefits of being a Lion with the flexibility you need as a volunteer.


Global Connection with Members

Since ICLC is an invitation-only club for former Lions, you will have the opportunity to connect and interact with Lions from around the world. To help you stay connected we’ve created an exclusive Facebook group that’s only opened to ICLC members.


Professional Development and Leadership Opportunities

Just like service, learning is a lifelong commitment. Gain access to the Lions Learning Center where you’ll have the opportunity to build your skills when it’s convenient for you. ICLC members will also be able to participate in webinars customized just for the club!


Be Engaged on Your Own Schedule

We know that members of the International Centennial Lions Club appreciate flexibility! This club allows you to participate in global monthly service challenges when it’s convenient for you.


Opportunity to Attend Convention

Attend the international centennial convention where you will be able to celebrate with more than 20,000 Lions from across the globe and meet other ICLC members.


Recognition for your years of service

Continue your years of service as a Lion and earn special recognition based on your total years of membership.


Digital Subscription to LION Magazine

Read inspiring stories form the frontlines of service. Same grate LION, but now digital to give you access anywhere, anytime.


Exclusive Discounts

Get access to valuable discounts and services with our Lions Clubs International Member’s Benefits Program. It’s our way of saying how much we appreciate the good work you do as a Lion.


Featured Member

We want to feature ICLC superstars who are excelling at making a difference in their communities. We will include information on ICLC member’s service projects in monthly newsletters, and from time to time in other Lions media channels.


YOU Shape the Club

We care about your input. Since this is a first-of-its-kind club, utilizing a virtual platform, we’re looking for your feedback to make the club the best it can be.


Access to MyLion

Build your own network of local and global volunteers and find opportunities to connect and serve.

Plus, you’ll receive a digital ICLC membership card and a centennial membership certificate.


International Centennial Lions Club


Need more information? Then check out these frequently asked questions or contact us at

Who are the officers of this club?

The officers of this club shall be the Executive Officers of Lions Clubs International, including the International President of Lions Clubs International and the international vice presidents.

How does the International Centennial Lions Club differ from a traditional Lions club?

The International Centennial Lions Club (ICLC) is ideal for former Lions who want to continue serving with Lions Clubs International without club involvement at the local level. The club is ideal for members who want a flexible volunteer experience or members who do not have a local club nearby. Members benefit from Lions Clubs International’s programs, including training and personal development opportunities, a digital subscription to LION magazine, access to MyLion, and monthly newsletters that contain the monthly service challenge.

ICLC members are “affiliate” members.

What is an affiliate member?

For the international club known as the International Centennial Lions Club, the members of the club are affiliate members – quality, caring individuals that dropped their membership in a more traditional, community-based Lions Club but who desire to remain affiliated with Lions Clubs International and support its humanitarian mission as well as continue to pursue training and personal development opportunities.

An Affiliate Member may be eligible to vote on club matters, but is not eligible to represent the club as a delegate at district (single, sub, provisional, and/or multiple) or annual convention since this an international club which will not be part of an existing district. ICLC members are not be eligible to hold club, district or international office, nor district, or multiple district.

Members of this club are encouraged to attend the annual Lions Clubs International Convention.

How are potential members invited to join?

All former Lions in good standing are eligible to join the International Centennial Lions Club. Invitations will be issued to qualified potential members by the international president of Lions Clubs International.

Can affiliate members transfer to traditional clubs later?

Yes. ICLC members may transfer to other clubs by following the existing transfer policies.

Are affiliate member dues transferable to another club?

International dues do not transfer to another club.

Will time in the International Centennial Lions Club count toward my years of Lions service?

Yes. Affiliate members’ time in the ICLC will be added to previous time served in Lions Clubs International.

How much are international dues and how long do they cover membership?

International dues are currently US$43. An International Centennial Lions Club membership will extend a year from the date of initial payment.


Be a part of the NEXT 100 years of service.

Become a member of the International Centennial Lions Club for only $43 a year. There’s never been a better time to get back to service.

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Terms & Conditions: Upon submitting this form you will be redirected to a third-party website for payment. Please be advised that payments made to join the International Centennial Lions Club are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Please be further advised that no voting rights are granted to members of the International Centennial Lions Club.

If you are already in the process of transferring to a new local Lions club, please continue joining your new club. The International Centennial Lions Club is for former members without access to a local club or former members looking for a non-traditional club experience.