Starting on July 1, you will use the new MyLion website to report all of your service activities.

MyLion is expanding, and is about to revolutionize the way Lions and Leos everywhere think about service. Integrated with the MyLion mobile app, MyLion on desktop gives all Lions and Leos easy access to view their service impact, and visibility into service performed anywhere, worldwide.

Please note that you will no longer use MyLCI to report service activities when MyLion launches on July 1st. More information may be found in the FAQ below.


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MyLion’s desktop launch is another step toward a fully digital future for Lions and Leos everywhere.



Learn about our global causes and the new service journey on our completely redesigned website, launching July 1.



Discover your service impact with MyLion. See service reporting for yourself, your club, your district, and beyond.



Plan your service seamlessly with MyLion on both desktop and mobile.



Report your service using the new MyLion. Simply closing out the activity you created when planning your service will now report it.


I already registered for MyLCI – do I need to register again?

Yes, all Lions and Leos will need to register to use MyLion on desktop if they have not already registered within the MyLion app. There’s good news, though – this is a one-time process, and your new Lion login will apply to MyLion on desktop, the MyLion mobile app, and MyLCI. In future, this login will also apply to every aspect of the Lions digital universe, including the club supplies store.

Will I still be using MyLCI?

While MyLion will be used for all service reporting going forward, MyLCI will still be used for all other administrative functions, including roster updates, for the time being. All aspects of MyLCI will be fully integrated into MyLion over the next 18 months.

What will I use MyLion for?

With MyLion’s expansion, all club-level officers will be able to create, edit, and report on service activities. Any service activities created in the MyLion app will also appear in MyLion on desktop. Plus, you’ll be able to see any service projects created by your club’s members, and will have full control over approving member-created activities for club sponsorship. You will also have the same visibility into all service activities worldwide that all members will now share. MyLion is about to become your one-stop shop for service!

Will some titles still have view-only access to MyLCI?

Yes, some titles will still have view-only access within MyLCI.

Will the expanded MyLion be GDPR compliant?

MyLion’s desktop launch is intended to adhere to all relevant GDPR regulations and will represent a major step forward for all Lions and Leos both inside and outside of the EU by giving them greater control of the information LCI receives.

What if my role does not involve club level service reporting?

You will still get access to the new MyLion on July 1! While you will not be able to report service activities, you will be able to create service projects, view service data, and explore.

I have been an officer during the 2017-2018 fiscal year, and my role involves reporting service. When do I get access to the new MyLion?

While most Lions and Leos will be able to login on July 1, Lions who reported service during the 2017-2018 fiscal year will still use MyLCI to report service during their 15-day service reporting grace period (July 1-July 15). At the end of this grace period, these officers will then be able to access MyLion on desktop.

Why are beneficiaries now a required part of service reporting?

As part of our efforts to better track the incredible service of Lions worldwide, we are now asking all clubs to report beneficiaries for each service activity. This will allow us to track the direct impact of Lions on their communities, and celebrate the work you do.

If my club does not use MyLCI to report service activities, will I still be required to use MyLion to report service?

While your local reporting system may still be used for some administrative and membership-related functions, all service data reporting will take place in MyLion starting in July.

Features as of July 1, 2018




Create Service Activities (Before they Occur)

Create & Report Service Activities (After they Occur)

Invite Others to Join Service Activities

Set Privacy Settings on Who Can Join Service Activities

Upload Photos

Report/Close out Service Activities

View Metrics for Service Activities at the personal level

View Metrics for Service Activities at the Club, District, MD, and Constitutional Area Level

Create Messages

Manage Your User Profile

* Available until 7/15/18 for 2017-2018 activities. This feature will not be available in MyLCI after 7/15/18 for any activities.


For more information about MyLion’s desktop expansion, you can check out our support center!